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Sep 2017

The Truth of the Trinity Blesses & Overcomes False Religions

September 26, 2017 “The Essential Trinity” is a fresh look at the most important truth of the Christian faith. Too often Christians have been uninformed and even neglectful regarding the doctrine of the Trinity. Discover anew the powerful truth concerning the God of the Bible. 

The listener will find an easy-to-understand explanation of the Trinity loaded with solid illustrations and scripture verses.

Robinson refutes old cultic falsehoods as well as many modern philosophical errors regarding the God of the Bible. This volume provides the proof for the Trinity while it takes the reader into a deeper relationship with God. 

In this message You will discover:

•How to use the Old Testament in defending the doctrine of the Trinity
•Fresh ways to refute Mormons, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Oneness Groups, and Muslims when they attack the Trinity
•How to use the New Testament to confound atheists, agnostics, and false religionists
•The early Church Fathers taught the doctrine of the Triune God and the Deity of Christ
•Why anti-Trinitarian heresies arose and how the false teachings were defeated
•How to know the Triune God must exist
•The arguments that modern philosophers, theologians, and apologists use to defend the Trinity.