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Oct 2017

The Arrest of Jesus Christ

October 1, 2017

Jesus was unlawfully arrested and His tials were equally illegal. Learn the reasons He was arrested and executed in this fresh message.


•The Historical Evidence for the Arrest and Trial of Jesus
•How to Disprove the Errors of the Trendy Critics
•The Historicity of Christ and the New Testament

Jesus Christ's influence on our world is commanding, unavoidable, constructive, and often reviled. It is commanding because He is the Lord who fulfils His word; it is unavoidable for the reason that He is God and His name is known in every nation; it is constructive in light of the wisdom, love, education, and salvation it has produced; it is reviled because He makes moral demands upon humanity.

Not only is there compelling evidence that Jesus was something loftier than a mere man—that He was and is, in fact, God. By wrestling with the biblical view of Christ and the accounts of His birth, ministry, death, and resurrection, Robinson clarifies the scriptural depiction of Jesus of Nazareth: God the Son—he undercuts the critics at their foundation.