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Oct 2017

A Fresh Argument from Truth: Proof for God

October 10, 2017

Best-selling author Mike Robinson maintains that there is certain proof for the existence of God—fresh and potent apologetics!

Instead of logic, science, and religion being opposed, many thinkers are now driven to God by the truth and the necessity of God. It is the atheist who has to uphold, by blind faith, despite all the proof to the contrary, that the universe does not rely on God as the ultimate explanation. There is rational assurance for Christian theism.

Some of the subject matter is complicated and weighty, yet Robinson presents the information in a highly fluid, conversational manner. While science may not have discovered God, the author finds that science depends on theism while the proof provides assurance for Christianity.

•Disprove Atheism and Agnosticism
•Demonstrate that God must exist
•Discover that reason and morality presuppose God
•Confound the New Atheists

Robinson exposes the shortcomings of atheism, agnosticism, and skepticism. He contends, using a fresh examination of the logic, evidence, and science, atheism is no longer reasonable; there are too many gaps, unexplained assumptions, subjective hypotheses, and conceptual flaws.

All men have their ultimate rational criteria, yet only a worldview based on Christian theism can provide absolute reasons to justify truth and knowledge.