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Feb 2018
Jan 2018

Atheists Know God Exists

Get into definitions and presuppositions as author Mike Robinson presses the logical and ontological reasons atheists know God must exist.

Dec 2017

God Must Exist: The Laws of Logic

See book "God Must Exist" There's massive proof for the existence of God, including the laws of logic. Author Mike Robinson contends for this truth.

Nov 2017

Is there Certain Proof for God’s Existence? Yep

Discover the certain proof for the existence of God. Powerful.

Nov 2017

Silly Arguments from Atheists and Numerous Proofs for God

Many new atheists fail to interact with the actual arguments and proofs held by Christians. Some say silly things like "there is no proof or evidence." Here in this podcast are dozens and dozens of potent proofs and evidences for God.

Oct 2017

Finding Purpose and Power

What is the purpose of man? What is the meaning of life? The answers are in this compelling message.

Oct 2017

Easter Bunny, Thor, Allah, Shiva, FSM vs. Yahweh

The Easter Bunny, Thor, Allah, Shiva, FSM do not exist but the God of the Bible- Yahweh does. Learn the reasons this is the case.

Oct 2017

Presuppositional Look at Jehovah’s Witnesses 1

Presuppositional Apologetics Examines the Jehovah's Witnesses. part 1.

Oct 2017

Crushing Atheism: Presuppositional Look at Personal Identity

Atheism fails and a Presuppositional Look at Personal Identity demonstrates this truth.

Oct 2017

Demolish Atheism with Ontology Frequently summoned as justification for atheism and skepticism, modern science actually offers reasons to affirm Christian theism. More than that, without the truth of Christianity, one could not even do science. Using fresh ontological apologetics, Robinson challenges the dogmas of atheism, relativism, and materialism as he demonstrates that only the existence of God explains reality, including: matter, knowledge, logic, morality, space, order, design, evidence, science, and personal identity--learn how to demonstrate that the whole material cosmos requires God. The proof, truth, and evidence are everywhere.

If you are tired of getting rebutted by unbelievers and atheists this study does NOT offer routine arguments that are:

•Publicly Repetitive
•Anticipated by unbelievers

To be sure, Robinson recognizes that the aggressive New Atheists attempt to sweep away the truth of Christianity, but the listener quickly learns that only Christian theism can overcome skepticism and completely rinse away doubt.
The reader comes away with an innovative refutation of atheism as well as disproof of skepticism, relativism, naturalism, and universal doubt.

But this fresh lecture offers innovative insights, path-leading arguments, and proofs for Christian truth. Great for the new apologist, student, or seasoned scholar looking for fresh approaches.