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Nov 2017

Silly Arguments from Atheists and Numerous Proofs for God

Many new atheists fail to interact with the actual arguments and proofs held by Christians. Some say silly things like "there is no proof or evidence." Here in this podcast are dozens and dozens of potent proofs and evidences for God.

Oct 2017

Defeating Atheism at it’s Foundation

Defeating Atheism is Simple: Destroy It's Foundation - Discover how.

Oct 2017

Proof for God: The Laws of Logic

Proof for God - Logic: The Laws of Logic flow from God's nature. Tis message equips you to press the truth and proof of God's existence to all those who try to deny Him.

Oct 2017

Presuppositional Look at Jehovah’s Witnesses 1

Presuppositional Apologetics Examines the Jehovah's Witnesses. part 1.