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Oct 2017

Taking Communion - The Lord’s Table

Jesus died for His people and he loves us so much He comes to His table during communion.

Oct 2017

Communion and the Lord’s Table Service

To often in Chrristian churches Communion is downplayed or ignored. Yet Jesus said, "This is My body." And in this message we learn what he meant. Throughout church history, there have been various interpretations of his words. These differences have caused denominational ruptures that have yet to heal.

We cannot fully appreciate the Lord's Supper until we understand it. In light of the renewed attention given to the sacraments by all branches of the church, he examines the Jewish background, historic interpretations and seeks the truth and the power. In the process, he shows how the Lord's Supper can infuse new meaning into your life for Jesus truly encounters His people at the Table.

This is essential for Christians who want to ponder the Lord's Supper again--perhaps truly experiencing the Risen Jesus in Communion.