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Oct 2017

Jesus a Friend of a Baseball Player Turned Preacher

Learn how radio host and prolific author Mike Robinson left pro-Ball and became a preacher - fascinating and compelling.

Oct 2017

Greek Philosophical Hope vs. Biblical Hope

Are you ready for real and powerful, honest and hopeful teaching about challegne, loss, and trouble - from a Christian perspective? Here are real answers, for real people, with real struggles. When life's difficulties invade your world, learn how to face suffering face-to-face with God.

Oct 2017

The Blessing of Forgiveness

Here is a treasure: the hope and possibility of experiencing incredible freedom and peace that can only come when we walk in total forgiveness.

One of the core messages of God is that of total forgiveness --not only that we can be totally forgiven by God, but also that we must, in turn, totally forgive others. Our culture is bound up in bitterness, resentment, and wallowing in wounds inflicted upon us by others, wounds that we all too easily accept and even cling to!
This message lovingly challenges believers to look within and clear out those hidden and hardened places where subtle resentments and areas of un-forgiveness have been allowed to remain.