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Oct 2017

Fishing with Jesus

Anointed speaker Joshua Baker on impotant Bible truth.

Oct 2017

Easter Bunny, Thor, Allah, Shiva, FSM vs. Yahweh part 2

There are many false gods, learn the powerful reasons why the God of the Bible alone is God.

Oct 2017

Hpw to Get On Fire for God

Many Christians are complacent and almost lukewarm - this message will fire you up!

Oct 2017

Yeshua or Jesus: The Amazing Answer

If you are a person who does not believe something that you've been taught, just because someone said it is the cas then this message is for you. If you love to dig into the Bible to do research and to find original meanings of Greek and Hebrew words, and if you like to know history both to understand the Biblical culture and the Christian culture of today, then you will enjoy what you find here.

You are invited to be spiritual archeologists to carefully uncover what is missing in our understanding of Jesus/Yeshua and His Name that have gotten lost in translation, in transliteration, and in tradition. What you discover will ignite a fire in your spirit to continue digging to really know Yeshua from the House of David, the Savior of His people, to know the depth of the meaning of His real Name and to know the richness of the Hebrew culture He designed.

Oct 2017

Moving in the Power of the Holy Spirit

God has all power and the bible reveals how His people can move in His power and love to change their lives through the Holy Spirit. Learn how in this fresh sermon.

Oct 2017

The Power to Overcome

God's word reveals the way to overcome obstacles in our lives; discover the keys to advance and live a life of joy and power.