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Apr 2019

Potent Proof for the Bible

The Bible is God's Word and author Mike Robinson reveals a massive amount of proof and evidence for its divine origins.

Nov 2018

Bible Study John 3 - Born Again Relates to Baptism and Jewish Background

Many Cults see Baptism in almost every section of Scripture that discusses water -- see the truth by the application of powerful Hebraic concepts many do not know.

Feb 2018

Bible and Nutrition - How to Have More Energy

We all need more energy at times and we know Energy Drinks are horrible for one's health - learn what nutrients and ideas can provide powerful energy - Today's message is from Author and Pastor Mike Robinson, CN. Robinnson has been is Certified Nutritionist for 30 years.

Jan 2018

Crucial Truth: Imputation in Justification

Imputation is an important truth revealed in many books of the bible.

Jan 2018
Nov 2017

How to Raise Godly Kids

Rasing virtuous andgodly children is difficult today - learn how one father raise 4 ourt of 4 godly kids and teens.

Oct 2017

The Bible: Proof and Evidence

There is powerful proof and evidence for the Bible - discover ways to share it with others as you build your confidence.