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Apr 2019

The Death Count of Modern Atheism: 100 Million

Atheists throw around the false notion that religion has killed the most people in history, yet its atheism, just in the 20th century, that has murdered the most people - and it's not even close.

Jan 2018

Atheists Know God Exists

Get into definitions and presuppositions as author Mike Robinson presses the logical and ontological reasons atheists know God must exist.

Jan 2018

How to Engage Agressive Atheists

Learn how to refute hot-headed atheists - for more see Robinson's book

Jan 2018

Did Religion Kill More People? No. Atheism’s Huge Body Count

Atheists Mao, Stalin and Pol Pot killed a massive amount of innocent people, especially religious people. See Robinson's book for more

Jan 2018

How to Disprove Angry Atheists

See Robinson's book "Science Requires God" on Amazon

Dec 2017

God and Logic: Proof

The laws of logic require God - learn the reasons.

Nov 2017

Refute Atheism: God as the Only Upoluposis for Truth

God is the only possible foundation for truth, knowledge, and reason - discover how.

Oct 2017

Atheism and Evolution are Opposed: Van Til Meets Plantinga

Alvin Plantinga exposed the weakness of Naturalistic Evolution as he demonstrated they are opposed to one another. See how Van til demolishes the whole of non-directed Darwinism.

Oct 2017

The Bible: Proof and Evidence

There is powerful proof and evidence for the Bible - discover ways to share it with others as you build your confidence.

Oct 2017

Easter Bunny, Thor, Allah, Shiva, FSM vs. Yahweh part 2

There are many false gods, learn the powerful reasons why the God of the Bible alone is God.