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Jul 2019

Thomas Aquinas and Presuppositional Apologetics

For more see my book 'Science Requires God' on Amazon at

Dec 2018

Compelling Evidence for the Gospels: The Work of Richard Bauckham 2. Messianic Prophecies

Richard Bauckham has uncovered fascinating new evidence which demonstrates the Gospels are reliable eyewitness testimony.

Nov 2018

Proof for God: Math and Geometry

Author Mike Robinson reveals powerful proof for God as he discusses math and geometric truths.

Apr 2018

Science Requires God

Science requires and presupposes God - discover the reasons.

Mar 2018

Alike: Joseph Smith,Muhammad, Jim Jones, Koresh

Many false prophets have much in common - see the interesting similarities of Jones, Koresh, Smith and Muhammad.

See book

Jan 2018

How to Disprove Angry Atheists

See Robinson's book "Science Requires God" on Amazon

Dec 2017

Greg Bahnsen’s Apologetics View on Induction

See book Induction is necessary for science, learn how Greg Bahnsen utilized Induction in apologetics.

Nov 2017

Sye Ten Bruggencate, J.P. Moreland, John Frame, James Anderson: Their Work

A fascinating talk on Sye Ten Bruggencate, J.P. Moreland, John Frame, and James Anderson. An Assessment of selected modern apologists. Also see my book on Greg Bahnsen: The Man Atheists Feared the Most at

Oct 2017

Jeff Durbin, Vern Poythess, Bahnsen, Oliphint & Hanegraaff

Author and apologist Mike Robinson reveals the good, the bad, and the ugly regarding apologists Greg Bahnsen, Jeff Durbin, Vern Poythess, K. Scott Oliphint & Hank Hanegraaff.

Oct 2017

James R. White, Greg Bahnsen and William Craig - An Assessment

An Assessment of apologists James R. White, Greg Bahnsen, William Craig and James N. Anderson. Also see my book on Greg Bahnsen: The Man Atheists Feared the Most at

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