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Jul 2019

Thomas Aquinas and Presuppositional Apologetics

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Jun 2019

Chimp vs. Human DNA: It’s 89% or less and not 98%

Recent research has found that Chimp vs. Human DNA: It's 89% or less and not 98%.

Apr 2019

The Death Count of Modern Atheism: 100 Million

Atheists throw around the false notion that religion has killed the most people in history, yet its atheism, just in the 20th century, that has murdered the most people - and it's not even close.

Apr 2019

Potent Proof for the Bible

The Bible is God's Word and author Mike Robinson reveals a massive amount of proof and evidence for its divine origins.

Mar 2019

Can Non-life Produce Life? Nope.

Author Mike Robinson discusses the impossibility of abiogenesis. Later, as a CN, Robinson gives tips regarding Time Restricted Eating. 

Mar 2019

New Research on Reliability of the Bible: Richard Bauckham’s Work 2) Trump’s Agenda

Author Mike Robinson discusses the compelling work of NT scholar Richard Bauckham.

Mar 2019

Dr. Robert Morey His Life and Death 2) Science and God

Author Mike Robinson discusses Dr. Robert Morey His Life and Death and the two ministry visits Morey had at Robinson's church. He also discusses Science and God.

Feb 2019

Is Jesus Like Pagan gods - No. Isis, Osiris, Horus, Mithra Copied Christ

Author Mike Robinson demonstrates that Jesus is unlike Pagan gods, as dating reveals writings about Isis, Osiris, Horus, Mithra, and etc. came after Jesus and copied some aspects of the biblical description of the Lord.

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Feb 2019

The Pro-life Agenda of Trump 2. Refuting Buddhism

Author Mike Robinson explores Trump's pro-life work. Additionally, he reveals many weaknesses of Buddhism.

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Jan 2019

Lying and the Moral Proof for God

Mike Robinson, author of over 40 books, discusses lying as an objective moral value and how it requires God.